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10,000 Happy Dogs: The 3D Printed TTA RAPID™ Implant

See how 3D Systems and Rita Leibinger Medical have already gotten nearly 10,000 disabled dogs back to chasing balls, running in the park and going for long walks. Cruciate ligament surgical procedures once required months of recovery time, but with the 3D printed TTA RAPID™ implant, dogs are up an at ’em in only six weeks.


The TTA RAPID, which is manufactured using 3D Systems’ Direct Metal Printing (DMP), enables a revolutionary new surgical procedure to correct canine ligament damage. The key to this groundbreaking implant’s success is its complex, open structure, which could only be created using 3D printing. Printed in titanium, this structure promotes rapid bone ingrowth for greater stability and a much faster recovery. Dogs are under anesthetic for less time and experience fewer infections than with previous procedures.


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