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3D Printed Model Demonstration (metal 3D printed fluoroscopic phantom)

You see in there, that is no anatomical noise in there. It was just a heart. And what we can do, we go and we take a X-ray image, as specific energy. We make a map of that, and we create a map equivalent in aluminum. And Stratasys has printed this for us, in aluminum, so if you put it just under the X-rays in here, there is actually like a head phantom.


And, for example, if you want now to have this head phantom with a model that you want to do a procedure where you want to see– can I see those markers on the stand? Or can I do all this stuff?


So this is not the best one but I can– actually if I have a phantom of the vascular in the brain, you can go in there and now you can’t see your model any longer. You see what you see under the X-rays in the clinic simulated in reality. So that is the anatomical noise that you can get in a way.


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