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3D Printed Model Hands-on Demonstration (catheter insertion into 3D printed phantom)

this is a 35 wire. They call it that because it’s 0.035 inches in diameter. And on the end you can see it’s angled and it’s a little floppier. So go ahead and feel the difference.
Oh. OK.
OK, now if I get it wet, it activates a hydrophilic coating. So now feel how slippery it is.
Yeah. So the idea is that this can track into your patient’s vessels without causing damage. So if it hits a side, it will ricochet straight off. So I’m going to try not to hit anyone with this. You’re all wearing nice clothes. I’m just going to help you gain access.
Take our catheter in there. Go, go, go. Normally I’m on the other side. Here, see if you can do it.


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