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3D Printed Model Hands-on Demonstration (wire insertion into catheter)

OK, so these wires are super small and really hard to get in there. So what they’ll do is, have you ever used one?
Introducer is what this is called. So you just back load it in there.
OK, now suck it back in. And if I’m holding this down, you can just push that introducer in. And now go ahead and advance that wire. And, normally, on these wires, there’s, oops. They call it zebra stripes. Or it’s just little markers on it that you know it’s about to come out the end of the catheter. So go on, fluoro.
So normally there’d be a mark. But I can’t tell you. Because I don’t know. The physicians have a feel. Oop, yep. So your catheter came out a little bit.


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