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3DEXPERIENCE provides an easy-to-use interface based on:
– The Compass to access and start all your apps
– A unified search to access all the platform content
– Collaborative spaces to organize and share content
– Dashboards to share projects, schedules, metrics, and results
– Communities to exchange around projects
– An embedded chat, to exchange and co-review content

3DEXPERIENCE Software Installation

1. Setting Up Your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform: Click Here

2. Starting the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform: Click Here

3. Accessing a Dashboard: Click Here

4. Opening an App from the Compass: Click Here

5. Opening a Native App from a Desktop Shortcut: Click Here

6. Selecting a User Profile for Native Apps: Click Here

7. Selecting a Language: Click Here

3DEXPERIENCE Learning Paths

Download our Training Documentation to find the best learning solutions according to your profile and your needs on CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA, 3DVIA, and SIMULIA.

1. Design/Engineering R2017x: Click Here

2. Manufacturing/Production R2017x: Click Here

3. Governance/Lifecycle R2017x: Click Here

4. Simulation R2017x: Click Here

5. Design/Engineering R2016x: Click Here

6. Manufacturing/Production R2016x: Click Here

7. Governance/Lifecycle R2016x: Click Here

8. Simulation R2016x: Click Here

7. Design/Engineering R2015x: Click Here

10. Manufacturing/Production R2015x: Click Here

11. Governance/Lifecycle R2015x: Click Here

12. Simulation R2015x: Click Here


Poppy Humanoid Robot

1. Poppy Learning Machine: Click Here

2. Learning Virtual Universes with Poppy Humanoid (Poppy Parallel): Click Here

3. Learning Virtual Universes with Poppy Humanoid  (Poppy Compliant): Click Here

4. Body Motion (Poppy Body Language): Click Here

5. Mechanical Systems Experience (Poppy play Basket): Click Here

6. 3DEXPERIENCE and Matlab Simulink Co-Simulation (Example of Motor Control): Click Here

Installation and Setup

This user assistance section centralizes all the information you will need to get 3D EXPERIENCE platform solutions up and running.

1. Install

– Install means first installing the DS License Server, 3D EXPERIENCE platform components, either using individual component media in the order specified or by using the 3D EXPERIENCE platform installer, then native apps and/or web apps.


2. Administrate

– Administrate means, once the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and apps have been installed, logging onto the installed platform instance as platform administrator and commencing basic administration tasks such as inviting users, granting roles to users, etc. Administration also extends to specific tasks for individual components.


3. Configure

– Configure means tweaking the behavior of the baseline behavior installed by default by modifying content access rules, and defining content attributes, naming conventions, security and business processes and lifecycles.


4. Customize

– Customize means moving away from the baseline behavior and using a set of tools (new or legacy tools) or mechanisms to build and deploy a customization.There are many reasons for customizing. Customization starts when you realize that the baseline behavior, which is a good starting point, is not entirely suited to your business processes.


Necessary Softwares

1. TeamViewer: Download link
2. 3D Experience Hot Fix1 Installation 2018x: Open 3D experience platform and install online
3. Arduino IDE Latest Version: Download Link
4. Microsoft Office Setup 2010 or above (College should provide this)
5. Official Microsoft Visual Studio (College should provide this)
6. Adobe Reader: Download Link

Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a venture by graduates from the prestigious College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) and incubated by BHAU Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (BIEL), the Incubation Centre of the College of Engineering Pune.

We are a technology driven company, with current offerings in education and industrial sectors. We are a company of enduring strength. We visualize the ideas of our clients in our research and development efforts. We remain focused on our prime objective to deliver the highest quality solution to our clients at optimal costs by adopting the most relevant and advanced technologies.

Ajit Pawar

(Chief Operating Officer)

Immensely passionate about Robotics right from his graduate studies, earned expertise in design & development of robots. He took part in many national & international robotics events and has won laurels for his Alma Mater COEP. His knowledge in product design and his way of approach to product development is commendable. He has deep experience in 3d CAD modeling, simulation, animation and analysis of the products.

He became part of Robolab Technologies to create a flutter in the robotics industry.He heads the operations at Robolab Technologies.

Connect to Ajit LinkedIn_logo_initials

Shubham Arora

Curious about the physical world and phenomenon. He is an avid traveller, reader and one of the quickest learner.  He graduated from Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Punjab, one of the clients of Robolab. He was a student then, now an important part of the training team.
He is one of the Lead and Expert robotics trainers

Connect to Shubham LinkedIn_logo_initials

Dassault Systemes Upcoming Conference in August 2018:

a) Faculty co-ordinators have to submit a list of ideas and projects of the students that can be implemented on the 3D-Experience Platform. Those ideas/projects would further go into selection process for the upcoming conference.

b) Submission format would consist the “Title of the Project/Idea” and a “Brief description of it”.

c) A minimum of 5 great ideas would be required.

d) The last date to submit the project/ideas list is 30th April 2018.

For any queries, inputs required, please feel free to contact

Thanks and regards,
Team Robolab!

Best Practices Implemented by Institutes

Please check our Product Innovation Lab swym community for the support. Please do check earlier resolved queries before posting your query.
If you could not find the solution, feel free to post your query with maximum possible details.

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