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” A physics workshop for students of Delhi Public School ” by Prof Arthur Eisenkraft

A physics workshop for students of Delhi Public School, East, Bangalore by Prof Arthur Eisenkraft .
12th Jan 2017.


About Speaker :
Arthur Eisenkraft, PhD, is one of America’s leading science educators. For 25 years, he taught high
school physics and was a 6-12 science coordinator. He was past president of the National Science
Teacher Association and was chair of the Science Academic Advisory Committee of the College Board.
He is project director of the NSF-supported Active Physics curriculum project that is introducing
physics instruction for the first time to all students and leading a similar effort with Active Chemistry.


He is the chair and co-creator of the Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Awards, involving 15,000 students


His current research projects include investigating the efficacy of a second generation model of distance
learning for professional development; a study of professional development choices that teachers make
when facing a large scale curriculum change and assessing the technological literacy of K-12 students.
He has received numerous awards recognizing his teaching and related work including the Presidential
Award for Excellence in Science Teaching, the American Association of Physics Teachers Millikan
Medal, the Disney Corporation’s Science Teacher of the Year, and the NSTA Robert Carleton Award.
He is a fellow of the AAAS, holds a patent for a laser vision testing system and was awarded an
Honorary Doctorate from Rennssalaer Polytechnic Institute.


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