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ABU Robocon 2018 Final Vietnam v/s Malaysia

The competition was held in Ninh Binh, Vietnam, in August 2018. The theme comes from a traditional game in ethnic region of Vietnam, namely ném còn (throwing shuttlecock). The goal of the game is to throw the shuttlecocks through the ring at height. In Vietnamese culture, the game is about celebration and making friendship.

In the game, each team are given a few shuttlecocks and needs to design two robots, one manual and one automatic robot. The manual robot needs to hand the shuttlecocks to the automatic robot, which attempts to throw the shuttlecocks through the rings (unlike the traditional game, there are three rings at various heights in this game). The winner can be achieved by points, or by immediate KO if the robots successfully throw the shuttlecocks through three rings, and for the highest ring, the shuttlecock lands on a golden disk on the opposite side. The winner of ABU Robocon 2018 is Lac Hong University coming from Vietnam.


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