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AICTE announces package of measures to improve technical education in India

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has announced a package of measures to improve technical education in India. AICTE wants to ensure that there is adequate skilled manpower available to guarantee the success of the ‘Make in India’ campaign. The package of measures will be implemented in all technical institutions across the country.


There will now be an extended induction program for every student to reinforce the fundamental concepts and ensure that the student has sufficient language skills necessary for a technical education. Each student is required to go through three internships, each lasting between four to eight weeks before completing under graduate courses. The institutions are tasked with the responsibility of finding suitable internships for the students in industries or organisations.


Every technical university is required to constantly update the curriculum. The universities have been asked to institute an industry consultation committee, that will review if curriculum is up to date. The process of revising the curriculum must be completed before the month of December, every year.


Students will also be taught soft skills and the technical knowledge necessary to begin working in industries after the completion of their courses. To prepare students for the industry, they will be taught managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, communication skills, team-working skills and technical skills.


There is a focus on promoting startups and student entrepreneurs. Hackathons are envisioned as incubators for promising ideas. There are reforms planned for the examination process, where the skills and conceptual understanding of the students will be tested. A model exam format will be prepared and shared with the institutions. The government aims to accredit at least half of all the programs offered by technical universities, through the National Bureau of Accreditation (NBA) before the year 2020.


Finally, the teachers themselves will have to go through an annual refresher course. The course will be conducted online through the Swayam portal. For an institution to be approved, at least fifty percent of the teachers should participate in the refresher course every year. The heads of institutions will have to go through leadership training, once every two years. The leadership training program will also be conducted through the Swayam portal.


The information was provided by Minister of State (HRD), Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey in a written response to a question raised in the Lok Sabha.





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