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‘AICTE plans to revamp technical education’

Poonia said AICTE is planning to amend the syllabus of engineering courses from 1st July with the addition of new subjects to bring the uniformity in the curriculum in the technical Institutions throughout the Country.


To increase the employability after technical courses, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), is planning complete revamption of syllabus of technical courses.


This was disclosed by Dr M.P Poonia, Vice Chairman, AICTE during a meeting with the delegation of All India Federation of Self Financing Colleges Association (AIFSFTI) under the leadership of Chief Patron, R S Munirathinam and President, Dr. Anshu Kataria here.


Poonia said AICTE is planning to amend the syllabus of engineering courses from 1st July with the addition of new subjects to bring the uniformity in the curriculum in the technical Institutions throughout the Country.


Poonia said that the new syllabus for engineering courses will be highly technical and job oriented.


He said that the syllabus will be industry linked in which it would be made compulsory for students to spend 2 months per year in an industry to link the theory with the practical. For this AICTE is tying up with CII and Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) to give industrial exposure to the students.


Poonia said that after the school environment when a student enters into B.Tech 1st year he feels pressurized due to change in environment, curriculum, mode of exams etc hence few of them get dropped in 1st year. Keeping the drop out rate in mind, AICTE has brought down the credit remarks from 180 to 160 to make the students comfortable and adjust in the program. The required changes would be made in 1st year syllabi to control drop out as well as to make it practical oriented & student friendly.


Poonia added that as ETT, NTT, B.Ed etc courses have been made compulsory and pre-requisite for the school teachers on the same pattern a 3 months teachers training program would be made compulsory after M. Tech for every teacher to teach technical subjects. AICTE has given this task to Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) & would spend around 9 crores in teacher training program. AICTE has decided to start 300 new technical training programs to train over 15000 new and old technical teachers to upgrade their content and delivery techniques.


It is to be mentioned that out of 300 training programs 100 programs have been developed specially for the new teachers while 200 programs have been made for existing faculty to update their knowledge & content. The training sessions would be conducted in the engineering colleges with a batch of 40-50 teachers in the month of June & July in the engineering colleges.

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