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Alumni Webinar: The Internet of Things

There is no shortage of gleeful hysteria surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) and its enormous revenue potential. At a high-level, IoT is about frictionless integration of data and services within a network of technology objects that enables communication and interaction with other objects, and to produce specific, customized outcomes.


Beyond the hype, the revenue opportunities extend past traditional business model thinking to interconnected systems and their stakeholders. The challenges are technical, strategic and cultural.


We will explore IoT unique challenges, examples from today, and how might businesses adopt IoT by 2020.


Since 2007, Troy Fulton has been a guest lecture on leadership, innovation, and marketing to MBA and Undergraduate students at The Mason School of Business at The College of William & Mary. In April 2015, Troy presented “How Marketing Drives Innovation in an IoT Value Chain.” In July 2015, Troy was a VoiceAmerica Business Radio panelist discussing how IoT strategies enable the collaborative economy to disrupt the enterprise. Troy has presented on IoT, mobile applications, cloud computing and enterprise mobility at technology industry events around the world, and has appeared in Information Age, SC Magazine UK, MacWorld, IT Business Edge, IT Briefcase, and other publications.


Troy Fulton is Director of Product Marketing at Tangoe, responsible for leading IoT, M2M and mobile SaaS solutions global product marketing.


A 2006 MBA graduate from The College of William & Mary, Troy earned a BA from Boston College, and a certificate in computer networks from Northeastern University.


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