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Amazing inside out hard-boiled egg Experiment

The science behind it is that the yolk of the egg is more dense than the albumen. When you spin the egg rapidly, the runny yolk is drawn towards the edge of the egg via the centrifugal force, while the albumen is pushed to the centre.


If you spin the egg for long enough, the yolk and albumen separate, so that when boiled the egg appears inside out.If you don’t spin it for long enough, the two mix so that you get an instant scrambled egg. This was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.


If you’re bored of hard-boiled eggs having a yellow centre and a white exterior, then you’ll want to pay attention to this wacky recipe for inside out eggs. A Japanese chef revealed a method to reverse the colour of your eggs in a YouTube video.


What you’ll need: An egg, clear tape, a flashlight, pantyhose and ice cubes.

1. Check the color of your egg with a flashlight (It should glow)
2. Put tape around the whole shell of the egg
3. Wrap it in the middle of the pantyhose leg
4. Spin it round for a few minutes by holding either end of the pantyhose
5. Check on the color again about 2 minutes. It should be darker than in step one
6. Take the egg out of the pantyhose and place it in boiling water with the tape still on (Regular hard boil egg stuff. I boiled it for 12 minutes)
7. Once boiled, remove the egg and place it in a bowl of ice for a minute) then take tape off
8. Now peel the shell, and you should now have an inside out egg. If the whole thing is yellow, try it again but spin it for longer.


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