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Arduino BIG Stepper Motor control. Rotary Axis for milling machine.

Wiring connections
– Arduino Pin 8 to stepper driver pulse +5V
– Arduino Pin 9 to stepper driver direction +5V
– Arduino Ground to stepper driver signal ground Pulse -ve, Dir -ve, enable -ve
– Arduino +5 volts to on/off switch to stepper driver enable +5V


Helpful hints:
1. Pick the size of motor you need for the torque/power you need. Don’t know? FIND OUT!
2. Determine the voltage and current of the stepper motor.
3. Determine the stepper motor driver that will power your stepper motor with some extra fudge factor (this stuff is cheap). Big Easy driver or Adafruit motor shield for small stuff. “CNC stepper driver” for big stuff.
4. Determine the power supply you need for the input power, voltage and current your stepper needs. Add extra fudge factor.
5. Get an Arduino. (Like you don’t already have 3 of them kicking around).
6. Cut and Paste the code to the Arduino IDE; upload to Arduino.
7. Hook up wires per the diagram on the stepper driver box and the Arduino Sketch.
8. Hook up a switch from +5V from Arduino to the “enable” terminal of the stepper motor.
9. Hook up all 5V signal ground from the stepper driver (negative) to the arduino ground.
10. Set the stepper driver DIP switches for the max current, holding torque and steps per revolution you require.
11. Triple check your work. Cross your fingers and toes. Plug in the power and hit the “enable” switch.


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