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Arduino Tutorial – Control your LEDs with TV or IR Remote

In this tutorial we will learn how to control our LEDs with using TV or IR remote. After this tutorial, you can control everything with your TV or IR remote.


About IR :
Infrared (IR) controls are often used in most electronic devices.
This LED will give a predefined code when we press any key on the remote control and a certain frequency will also flash.
The 38 kHz infrared receiver we use in the project demodulates the signal it receives and sends the button code to the Arduino. We can use with this receiver as long as different brand and model remote controls have 38 kHz carrier signal.The receiver has 3 pins. These are GND – VCC – Signal respectively.


About Hex code :
First we must find the hex codes of the buttons of remote controller.
This way you can use another remote control instead of the included in the kit. So if you have only receiver, you can use any TV remote control. We will use the IRrecvDump example code.


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