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ARIIA Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements

ARIIA Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements


In the last 5 years, India has made considerable progress in the world map in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. India has moved up from 81st position in 2015 to 52nd position in 2019 in Global Innovation Index (GII) ranking, 78th position in Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI) indicates India’s progress not only at policy and governance level but also at people’s level. Undoubtedly, intellectual property rights, innovation and entrepreneurship are a major instruments and tools when we are envisioning to achieve the development goals for New India with a 5 trillion-dollar economy by 2025.

For India to emerge as a global innovation hub, the youth of our country, especially in higher education institutions (HEIs) need to play a crucial role to create a sustainable innovation ecosystem. Hence, ideally all HEIs should have a comprehensive and functional mechanism to convert research into innovations. This ecosystem will encourage, inspire and nurture young students by exposing them to new ideas and processes resulting in innovative activities in their formative years.

Ministry of Education, Govt. of India has initiated ‘Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA)’ to systematically rank education institutions and universities primarily on innovation related indicators.

ARIIA considers all major indicators which are commonly used globally to rank most innovative education institutions/ universities in the world. ARIIA ranking now getting a wide acceptance among India HEIs and it will certainly inspire Indian institutions to reorient their mind-set and build ecosystems to encourage high quality research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Moreover, ARIIA aims at setting direction for institutions for future development for making them globally competitive and in forefront of innovation.

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ARIIA Rankings 2020 Report

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