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Berker Makes a Switch to Stratasys 3D Printed Injection Molds

Berker, a leading German designer and manufacturer of high quality electronic switches and intelligent building management systems, needed to test a newly designed electrical component which required parts produced using injection molding.


Once assembled, the parts had to pass an electrostatic discharge (ESD) test conducted by an independent testing agency. That meant the switch prototype had to use the same materials as the final part.


Instead of using metal injection molds to test the designs, which would have been very costly and time consuming to produce, Berker decided to try Stratasys 3D printed injection molds.


This fast paced, step-by-step video takes you for the first time through the entire 3D printed injection mold process using the Berker switch prototype.


Berker produced a series of 3D printed injection molds using Stratasys PolyJet technology with Digital ABS™ material. Each mold, with a different geometry, was used to inject a different final part material: ASA, PC and TPE.


The resulting time and cost savings were impressive, with an average 83% reduction in cost per mold and 85% reduction in production time!


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