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Right Printer, Right Project: A MasterGraphics Case Study

In an industry where fast turnaround is the key to survival, Focus Products Group International, LLC of Lincolnshire, Illinois needed a 3D printer that would allow them to produce kitchenware prototypes efficiently, economically and quickly.   Who could they trust to give them the fit they needed? MasterGraphics  

Custom Samsung case by 3D Systems at CES 2014 | Engadget

It figures that Samsung would want to take its “Create” tagline for the Note series and press on into 3D printing because: You. Customization. The endless possibilities. And all that other jargon-y industry buzz buzz buzz. Well, now that the Korean electronics giant’s taking a stab at the make-it-yourself wheel, it’s partnered with 3D Systems to show off an app that makes custom inserts for specially-designed Galaxy Note 3 cases.  

The Future of Customized Fab-Grade 3D Printing

Scalable, customized manufacturing is about to be faster than ever with 3D Systems’ revolutionary continuous, high-speed fab-grade 3D printer. As the module producer for Google’s Project Ara, this 3D printer is blazing a new trails in the methods and production levels of additive manufacturing. This is the future of production 3D printing, and mobile phones are just the beginning.  

Introducing CubePro C by 3D Systems

The all-new CubePro® C lets you leap into vibrant full color and brings Plastic Jet (PJP) desktop 3D printing to a new level of brilliance. Using revolutionary color mixing PJP technology, the CubePro C features a radiant CMYKW color gradient, so professional designers, artists and makers can create their designs in every shade.  

Introducing 3D Systems’ ProX™ 950 3D Printer

Take on more projects faster with 3D Systems’ ProX™ 950 Stereolithography (SLA®) Production Printer—the revolutionary new way to quickly manufacture precise plastic parts and forgo the design limitations of CNC or injection molding. The ProX 950 features the industry’s widest array of Stereolithography materials, and a level of surface quality and accuracy that tops other 3D printers.  

3D Systems @ Euromold 2014

3D Systems is Manufacturing the Future Now. See our new lineup of 3D printing tools and technology, including powerful fab-grade metal and SLS 3D printers, versatile materials, accurate scanning solutions and an innovative engineer’s desktop workflow program.  

Introducing Geomagic Capture®

Geomagic Capture® is a powerful turnkey 3D scanner and software system that seamlessly brings physical objects into CAD and supercharges your product development and quality inspection processes.  

The ProJet 1200 with New Materials and Applications

The ProJet 1200 micro-SLA 3D printer now uses its speed, precision and an expanded set of materials to enable new possibilities and creative freedom for jewelry designers, dental labs, engineers, 3D designers and more. New materials include easily castable VisiJet® FTX Cast, shimmering VisiJet FTX Gold and VisiJet FTX Silver, translucent VisiJet FTX Clear and paintable VisiJet FTX Gray.  

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