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CocoJet 3D Printer

3D Systems presents the CocoJet, a chocolate 3D printer developed in collaboration with The Hershey Company. Ideal for the baker or chocolatier, the CocoJet prints custom designs in dark, milk or white chocolate.  

3D Systems’ CEO Vyomesh Joshi (VJ) on RAPID + TCT 2017 Keynote Panel

VJ joins industry leaders during the opening keynote session at RAPID + TCT 2017 on May 8 to discuss how 3D printing is transforming manufacturing into a digital technology, moving the industry from an analog to a digital realm. This change is a turning point for the industry. Traditional manufacturing requires a long process of market research, prototyping, focus group research, and the supply chain and retail channels to distribute products. With additive manufacturing, manufactures have more design freedom to work with designers, customize existing products, and ultimately decide what will go live. Product availability and market testing will go…

Sandboxr takes video games beyond the screen with the power of 3D printing

Sandboxr’s Digital to Doorstep delivers brilliant, full-color 3D printed game heroes and figurines brought to life by 3D Systems’ Quickparts cloud manufacturing services and ColorJet 3D printing technology. The first-ever 3D printing experience designed expressly for gamers, game makers and entertainment companies worldwide, Digital to Doorstep lets anyone take home one-of-a-kind figurines from a range of popular video games.  

Quickparts – Manufacturing the Future with 3D Systems

In product development and manufacturing one size doesn’t fit all.   When you need a custom part, it’s not just any part, it’s your part.You know every dimension, every face, every feature. You know the importance of precision and when almost and nearly won’t do, why should you be limited to a slow one-size fits all production partner?   It’s time to stop compromising, it’s time to choose Quickparts – The leading global provider of quick-turn, flexible manufacturing.  

3D Systems Quickparts’ cloud-based manufacturing with Quickquote

3D Systems provides the most advanced and comprehensive 3D digital design and fabrication solutions available today, including 3D printers, print materials and cloud-sourced custom parts. Quickparts Solutions, 3D Systems’ professional cloud-based 3D design-to-manufacturing service, is the world’s leading provider of unique, low-volume and high-volume custom-designed parts.   We offer services during the entire development of the product, from rapid prototyping & pre-production, to tooling & production. With our global network of facilities, Quickparts provides dedicated project managers, working one-on-one with you to manage the progress of your order, making sure the parts arrive in your hands just as you expect…

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