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10,000 Happy Dogs: The 3D Printed TTA RAPID™ Implant

See how 3D Systems and Rita Leibinger Medical have already gotten nearly 10,000 disabled dogs back to chasing balls, running in the park and going for long walks. Cruciate ligament surgical procedures once required months of recovery time, but with the 3D printed TTA RAPID™ implant, dogs are up an at ’em in only six weeks.   The TTA RAPID, which is manufactured using 3D Systems’ Direct Metal Printing (DMP), enables a revolutionary new surgical procedure to correct canine ligament damage. The key to this groundbreaking implant’s success is its complex, open structure, which could only be created using 3D…

VSP for Orthognathic Surgery

Our Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP®) service utilizes medical image data to accurately plan surgery in a computer environment, determine the need for customized 3D printed surgical tools and guides, and then brings that knowledge and those surgical tools to the operating room for advanced outcomes.  

3D Systems VSP Cranial service

VSP Cranial, A complete FDA-cleared service for craniofacial surgical planning from the leaders in precision healthcare solutions. Especially useful in procedures for cranisynostosis and cranial vault distraction.  

IDS 2017: 3D printing in dentistry—3D Systems displays advanced capabilities, NextDent materials

With its acquisition of NextDent, 3D Systems has created a company poised to unleash the power of additive manufacturing on the dental industry. 3D Systems’ 12 dental materials cover an extensive range of applications, and have regulatory approval in 70 countries. Watch this interview with 3D Systems CEO Vyomesh Joshi and NexDent Managing Director Rik Jacobs to learn more.  

Figure 4 Technology by NextDent and 3D Systems

Introducing a groundbreaking innovation in 3D printing: Figure 4 Technology! Proudly brought to you by NextDent and 3D Systems.   Meet us at IDS 2017 from 21 to 25 March, Stand E-011 in Hall 04.1, for a complete introduction to our innovative and highly efficient dental 3D printing solutions!  

Purps the Penguin: Walking Again with a 3D Printed Boot

See how middle school students teamed up with Mystic Aquarium and ACT Group to use 3D Systems’ technology to make a custom-fit boot for an injured endangered Penguin.   Local organizations banded together to support STEM education in Conn. while making a positive difference in the community. The ACT Group, Mystic Aquarium and Mystic Middle School, with assistance from 3D Systems, designed and produced an orthopedic boot for a life-long resident of the Aquarium, Purps, an African Penguin.   In 2011, Purps was left with a nonfunctional flexor tendon following an altercation with another penguin on exhibit. Since then, Purps…

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