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Ramesh Raskar: 6 formulas to help you innovate

Ramesh Raskar’s group at the MIT Media Lab is pushing the envelope in futuristic technologies and imaging for social innovation. Raskar believes that each one of us has intrinsic abilities to invent, and solve problems. Watch as he shares the ‘Idea Hexagon’ — a mental framework to aid the process of invention.  

Camera Culture

Ramesh Raskar, who directs the Camera Culture research group at the MIT Media Lab, is this year’s recipient of the Computer Graphics Achievement Award – awarded at the ACM Siggraph Conference in LA in July 2017.  

How to build a Successful IoT Start-up

Manish, Co-founder of Axelta Systems, throws light upon “How to build your IoT Startup and take it to success” The webinar stresses key points like: – What is IoT and why it’s an unprecedented opportunity for business – Best Startup Practices – How to – Financing – How to – Talent Sourcing – how to – Hardware Challenges (Myth or Real) – Key Success Factors  

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