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Axelta Intelligent Security System

Axelta launches first of its kind intelligent locker and establishment security solution for jewellers and other business establishment. This gives businesses a full control over their valuable assets, avoids false notifications and helps give complete peace of mind.  

Career Opportunities In IoT

The future of Iot is everything. The coming era will outweigh the mega-changes we’ve already seen from the Internet, may be any degree you hold or career you are looking for five fundamental skills every member of the workforce will need in IoT will be eligible for any jobs in future.  

MQTT The Protocol of “The Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things (IoT), the collection of millions of physical devices connected to a network to merge the digital with the physical, is estimated to have billions of devices in the next few years. This webinar will explore one of the key unifying protocols which enable the sensor to share information with the cloud. It is a very lightweight messaging protocol which meets the needs of most IoT related communications. The protocol is mature, with the first use over a decade ago.  

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