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Alumni Webinar: The Internet of Things

There is no shortage of gleeful hysteria surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) and its enormous revenue potential. At a high-level, IoT is about frictionless integration of data and services within a network of technology objects that enables communication and interaction with other objects, and to produce specific, customized outcomes.   Beyond the hype, the revenue opportunities extend past traditional business model thinking to interconnected systems and their stakeholders. The challenges are technical, strategic and cultural.   We will explore IoT unique challenges, examples from today, and how might businesses adopt IoT by 2020.   Since 2007, Troy Fulton has…

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Internet of Things Orchestrator (IOT)

Welcome to the new world of the Internet of Things (IoT), where everything is connected: machines, personnel and processes. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne IoT Orchestrator Studio allows customers to build / orchestrate processes where they also include examples of: – Add Maintenance Alerts – Update the readings of the meters / meters – Update of locations (geo positioning) of equipment – Kanban Check In / Check Out – Add mixing operations  

Adam Justice Speaks on Internet of Things Standards at IoTLive

The Global Internet of Things Day took place this year on April 9th. Adam Justice, Vice President and General Manager of Grid Connect and ConnectSense, spoke on Internet of Things (IoT) standards and protocols for a special online event called IoTLive.   The time is now to start having the important conversations on the technologies, security, data privacy, and enormous potential that an “Internet of Things” is capable of.  

An Auto-Join Network of Internet of Things Devices with a Java SE Embedded Lookup Service

This tutorial provides a coding and design example of an auto-join network of Internet of Things sensors and devices capable of dynamically locating remote services through a lookup service, using an advanced discovery process based on Java SE Embedded technology on a nearby wireless gateway. The lookup service returns Java objects that can be used by services and devices to register themselves so they can be found by client applications. Embedded client applications can use the lookup service to retrieve a Java proxy object to the service to call service requests in a secure fashion with proper authentication and encryption….

Wireless Sensor Networks integrated in Internet of Things

The course entitled „Wireless Sensor Networks integrated in Internet of Things“ is three-folded: (1) Definition on basic terms, (2) introduction to wireless sensor networks, and (3) application area. The first part motivated why a basic understanding of wireless sensor networks is required today and where they are already deployed (e.g., Internet of Things, Cyber- Physical Systems). The second part of the lecture presents the basics of wireless sensor networks raising from structure, involved components, and their hardware characteristic. Followed by requirements (e.g., scalability, quality of service) the user has to be aware of when deploying a wireless sensor network and…

The Future Of Search Mobile, Augmented Reality, Social, Voice & Internet Of Things

This video tutorial about Internet Of Things – IOT underlines: – The new technologies, devices and tools which have combined to form the Internet Of Things. – The various methods to create and optimize content for the search engines which are ever changing. – The emerging devices and technologies which affect purchase decisions of consumers. – The techniques to get your mobile apps indexed. – Content optimization for voice search like Siri, Cortana and Google Now. – Social search optimization for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn’s walled gardens.  

Internet of Things – Use Actuators In BlueMix

Today I will talk about how you can use actuators in BlueMix. I will build further on the app that monitor the temperature and light sensors in my room, and this time it will publish MQTT messages on the broker that is picked up by and viewed on an LCD display.   This video build on my previous video called “Internet of Things – Use Sensor Data In BlueMix”, so please check that out for details on how to use sensor data in BlueMix. In this video, I will modify the Node-RED application to send the output messages to another…

Internet of Things in the Public Sector

Today I will talk about you how the Internet of Things can be used in the public sector, and I will show you how reports on pollen levels can be shared with the public in an efficient and fun way using a smart and connected device.   For people who are allergic to pollen (like myself) the periods with high levels can be challenging, and it becomes important to be prepared with medication and other remedies when that happens. Most countries have web sites and even apps to keep track of pollen levels, but they are easily forgotten, so what…

InduSoft Web Studio and MQTT for Internet of Things Applications

The Internet of Things requires disparate systems and device-level components to speak to one another seamlessly. However, this level of communication between so many different possible combinations of hardware has been a major challenge to the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) architectures. But with lightweight connectivity protocols like MQTT becoming standardized and gateway software like InduSoft Web Studio providing a communication hub, the Internet of Things might be much easier to implement.  

Losant Internet of Things: Builder Kit [1/3]

First part of the Losant Internet of Things playlist. Builder Kit is basically a hello world for IoT, where you press a button and a device connects to the Internet and does something. In this case I use an Adafruit Feather Huzzah and post messages through email, SMS, and Slack. You can also debug through serial in the Arduino application, and an intro to Losant’s dashboards and workflows is given.  

Internet of Things – Big Data Analytics Demo

Collecting an enormous amount of event data over the Internet, then evaluating it in real time – as it continues to flow into the system – executing on the data predictive analysis, e.g. To receive automatic action suggestions and then redirect the data stream into cost-effective storage formats for long-term evaluation – all this can be called the Advanced Analytics platform in Microsoft Azure, also known as Cortana Analytics.   In this practical demo video, which refers specifically to the transport logistics, Microsoft once presented how such a complete solution can handle it, if there are problems in the delivery…

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