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Using the Internet of Things (IoT) to Understand Customers

This is one of three talks given at Intertech’s 2016 Learning Summit and 25th Anniversary Celebration.   Jim Karg, a Sr. Intertech Consultant, speaks about the state of the Internet of Things and how the capturing of data in the field is helping businesses large and small understand their customers. He’ll cover a case study where Intertech created a mobile app to consume and control IoT devices in the field enabling a competitive advantage with the power of data. Learn what IoT means to you and how freeing the data you already have can help you improve the products and…

Internet of Things in Transportation

Today I will talk about you how the Internet of Things can be used in the transportation sector, and I will show you how to monitor temperature in cooling trucks using a device that is smart, connected, and very cost effective.   When shipping fresh groceries, it’s critical to keep the right temperature, and especially in tropical climates like here in Brazil, a problem with the cooling system can quickly turn the goods useless.   In this video I will show you how a cooling truck can be equipped with a smart and connected device (e.g. via a standard 3G…

Internet of Things (IoT) Application Development using IoTSuite

IoTSuite is a suite of tools for IoT application development for reducing development effort. It consists of the following components to aid IoT developers: (1) an editor supports application design phase by allowing developers to specify high-level specifications, (2) a compiler parses the high-level specification and supports the application development phase by producing programming framework that reduces development effort in specifying the details of components of an IoT application, (3) a deployment module is supported by mapper and linker modules. They together support the deployment phase by producing device-specific code to result in a distributed system collaboratively hosted by individual…

Developing Internet of Things Retail Inventory Control/Sales Monitoring

This session provides a coding and design example of an Internet of Things retail monitoring project (Internet of Things Forerunner) built on the Freescale i.MX6-based One Box connecting various wireless RFID sensors to a Java SE Embedded gateway in brick-and-mortar retail stores sending data to a back-end data center for big data analysis, using an Oracle Business Intelligence server. Come learn how to connect a Freescale i.MX6-based One Box to the data center, using Java SE Embedded technology and BI server technology with a real-time connection to Oracle enterprise back-end software that tracks retail store inventory control and customer sales…

Internet of Things, AMQP with A MQ – Christina Lin

The revolution of device and systems is allowing these parties to interact with each other via Internet automatically, by year 2020, there will be more than 50 Billions of device and things connecting to the internet. And Within the vast majority of device there are many standard protocols for them to interact and connect. AMQP is one of them. A-MQ supports AMQP, Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol. In this session we will give some basic background on AMQP and demo how A-MQ can connect via Apache Qpid. And discuss the value it brings to the Enterprise.  

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service Asset Monitoring “Mini-App” – Setting up the application

This video takes the viewer through the steps required for setup of the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service Asset Monitoring “Mini-App” and illustrates the ease with which this ready-to-use application can be configured by the business or operations user via a simple user-interface. Application setup and configuration is illustrated using the scenario of a hospital needing to monitor the location and availability of high value portable assets in an effort to enhance operational efficiency.  

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