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Internet of Things in Finance

Today I will talk about you how the Internet of Things can be used in the finance sector, and I will show you how to monitor the global stock market on a world map with a smart and connected device.   Even if most information today is already available at a hands reach, which is usually a smartphone, there is a point in making some important information even easier to access. In a previous video, I’ve already talked about how an airline company used the color of a flower to indicate their sales, so this time I wanted to create…

Assistive Technology With IFTTT (If This Then That) + IoT (Internet of Things): Part 1

We saw a couple of months ago how Amazon Echo, or Alexa, can be such a huge help to people with disabilities. With very simple commands, Alexa can read us a book, control lights in our house, and also order a pizza for us! However, how about we take things a step further, and make a combination of technologies and applications just do things for us without us having to perform any sort of manual interaction with any app or device?   IFTTT, which stands for If This Then That, has been around for a few years now, and can…

Architecture and Interoperability Standards for the Internet of Things

This is a video of a webinar on the architectural use of the Open Group O-MI and O-DF standards for the Internet of Things (IoT).   The webinar was given in June 2015 by Professor Kary Främling of Aalto University, chair of the Open Platform 3.0™ Internet of Things Work Group in The Open Group. It includes demonstrations of the use of the standards in practical systems.   The Internet of Things requires changes to the traditional way of architecting information systems. In the past, enterprise systems might have needed to communicate mainly with other enterprise systems. With the IoT,…

Internet of Things – iBeacons

Today I will talk about how you can use iBeacons with mobile apps. I will create a simple iPhone app that can find an iBeacon, and show information about it.   The idea of iBeacons is quite simple: it’s a small device that sends out a signal that a mobile phone (or tablet) can pick up and act on. The technology used to send the signal is a version of Bluetooth using low energy, so that its battery can last longer. Depending on the signal’s strength, the phone can determine the distance to the iBeacon, and on iOS, the distinctions…

A Visual Interface for Programming the Internet of Things!

We just introduced a powerful new tool to connect the inputs and outputs on your board to web-based services for programming the Internet of Things. It’s called Conditions, and it makes it much easier to program complete IoT applications without having to write code. You may have seen it already, but we wanted to make sure that everyone has a chance to learn more about what it can do.  

ARM Education Media – Internet of Things Online Course

This video gives a brief introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) Online Course from ARM Education Media. To keep up with the transformative intersection between the Internet, mobile and sensor technology, ARM Education Media has designed and created the ARM IoT online course, which will inspire our learners to create the next generation of IoT-enabling technologies.  

Internet of Things in Travel – Baggage Tracking

Today I will talk about you how the Internet of Things can be used in the travel sector, and I will show you how to track a bag using a device that is smart and connected using cellular networks.   Despite the fact that only 1% of the bags are lost in airline travel, it’s a constant source of stress for passengers, and waiting at the baggage claim wondering if the bag got on the plane can be very frustrating. Therefore I will show you how a device can be put in a bag and report its position, which can…

Internet of Things | Part 10 | Mini Project Using Raspberry Pi Controlling LED using Web Server

Hello there welcome to Future Unboxed and here I come with a mini project of Internet of Things. The most favourite embedded linux board, Raspberry pi has brought a revolution in DIY Peoples’ life and has shown a whole new path what one can do with these tiny linux computers. So I have made a small project which has a web server and a web page having the on off buttons. By just pressing these buttons you can turn on or off an LED. The great thing about it is that you can replace LED with a Relay which will…

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