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how to create Internet of Things projects

Exp-Lab is free to use, open source Data sharing IOT platform created by G. VENKADAJALAPTHI and it is very easy to use, you can connect any Internet enabled device to this platform and share data over the internet and get the shared data you can create ting to thing communication very easily by use this API.  

Internet of Things – Sensors

Today I will show you how to capture information about the environment with sensors. In this lab, I will be detecting the temperature and amount of light, but the same approach can be used with a wide range of sensors.   In previous videos I have demonstrated how a microcontroller, like an Arduino, can be used to control things. That’s an important part of the Internet of Things, but there is another, as important part that is about capturing information about the environment. The components that are used to do this are called sensors, and the name correctly leads the…

Internet of Things (IoT) Full Stack JavaScript Example & Demo

IoT POC (proof of concept) leveraging full stack JavaScript on Raspberry Pi (Linux + Node.js) as the IoT device communicating device status and settings from the Appcelerator mBaaS (Node.js) and controlled and monitored by a cross device native mobile iPhone and Android application written in Titanium JavaScript. The mobile app can monitor if the device is on and communicating turn on a peripheral and receive a push notification when a sensor is triggered.  

Designing for the Internet of Things

It’s estimated that by 2020, between 50 and 100 billion devices will be connected to the “Internet of Things,” the phrase used to describe all of the non-computer devices actively connected to the Internet—and one another. For many companies, learning how to design for this Internet of Things will be one of the major challenges of the next 5-10 years.   Get ahead of the curve, and check out this new feature article “Designing for the Internet of Things” well as an informative webinar and infographic. Get started now and learn more on the Internet of Things—Past, Present and Future….

#29 Internet of Things with ESP8266/Arduino IDE #1: Calling RESTful JSON Services

This is the first part of (I hope) 4 where I try to build a software framework for small connected IoT devices. The software is based on the Arduino IDE   In this episode I build a small device which calls a RESTful API to get the next public transportation from my location and starts to warn me with a beeper when the bus arrives.   The episode shows all needed steps to build such a device and other web-services can be used using the same principles.   In the next episode I will connect the ESP8266 to my smartphone…

Internet of Things 101: Building IoT Prototypes with Raspberry Pi

This webinar is a digested version of the hands-on workshop session (taught at Forward 4 February 9 and 11). Tomomi Imura will walk you through the basics of Raspberry Pi, and Hello World of hardware by showing you how to build circuits using a breadboard and how to program hardware. You’ll also learn how to make the hardware prototype into an web-controlled Internet of Things device using PubNub realtime data stream network.  

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