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Continuous 3D Sweep Matching with a Spinning 2D Laser

The vehicle trajectory is estimated using laser range scans generated by a SICK LMS291 rotating at 0.5Hz mounted on a skid-steer loader. Because the spinning laser requires one second to sweep a full 3D scan, the raw point clouds are highly distorted by the vehicle motion. The sweep-matching algorithm is able to continuously correct the motion-distorted point cloud to produce a 6DoF trajectory estimate without the use of any other sensors. Details of the algorithm are published by Michael Bosse and Robert Zlot in the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2009 under the title “Continuous 3D Scan-Matching with…

Grasping manipulation and exploration tasks with the OctArm continuum manipulator

In the biological world, grasping, manipulation, and exploration tasks are frequently performed by tongues, trunks, and tentacles. Continuum robots such as the OctArm seek to mimic this wide range of abilities, allowing use in unstructured environments. Although a large variety of continuum robots have been developed as both commercial products and as research endeavors, video studies which concentrate on grasping, manipulation, and exploration tasks are rare. This video addresses this lack by illustrating the types of tasks for which continuum manipulators are uniquely suited. A series of outdoor and laboratory tests reveal the wide variety of novel grasping, manipulation, and…

Automatic Pick and Place of 40 Microns Silicon Parts

Automation of the robotic microassembly is currently (2008) a high stake to be able to produce assembled microsystems (MEMS). The video shows an automatic pick-and-place of 40×40 microns silicon parts in real time. The time cycle is about 1.8 seconds which is comparable with industrial assembly process at the scale of millimeter.  

Hand bot retrieve a book

The prototype of the hand-bot managed to successfully climb a shelf and retrieve a book autonomously. It achieved this thanks to its innovate synergy between its climbing and manipulation subsystems.  

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