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Toy from Trash – Tajik

This traditional Indian toy demonstrates Centrifugal Force. It can be made by the poorest child. All you need is a broomstick, some thread and an eraser. Tie a big and small stick together and poke the rubber to make it heavy. Perch the toy on your index finger and spin it away to glory!  

Toy from Trash – Japanese

At the heart of this Japanese lantern is a bulb in a cylindrical pivoted box. Hot air from the bulb while escaping pushes against the blades. This makes the box spin. As the box spins the pictures on it cast their beautiful shadows on the fixed cylinder. You will see a very beautiful shadow play of images.  

Toy from Trash – Spanish

The Talking Frog is a very dynamic paper toy and can be made with a paper square. The frog has a fixed jaw and a moving jaw which is operated by a stiff paper strip tucked in it. Make eyes and decorate the frog. Now gently hold the frog with one hand and push-pull the strip. The frog will move its jaw and will appear to be talking.  


For this multiple generator you need 5 strong neodymium magnets, 5 insulated thin copper wire coils with 1000 turns and 5 LEDs. Place 5 modules with each coil attached to one LED on a wooden base. In the center is a vertical pivot. A CD with 5 strong magnets can spin on this pivot. The gap between the magnets and the coils is about 2-3mm. As you rotate the CD the moving magnetic field creates an EMF and all the LEDs light up brightly!  

Toy from Trash – French

The cardinal principle of magnetism – like poles repel and unlike poles attract has been cleverly woven into this toy. Place ring magnets on a straw with similar poles facing each other. These magnets will repel each other. When pushed down the top magnets will bounce up.  

Toy from Trash – Telugu

Instead of a permanent magnet this motor has an electromagnet which is made by winding insulated copper wire on a sewing machine bobbin. Its spinning coil is made out a meter long insulated copper wire. On one end the entire insulation is scraped. On the other only 3-sides are scraped. The remaining insulation forms an ON/OFF switch. A 1.5-volt battery is sufficient to run this splendid motor.  

Toy from Trash – Bangla

For this experiment you will need a PVC pipe and a Bottle Brush that just fits into it. Hold the pipe vertically with left hand with half of the brush in it. Now repeatedly hit on top of pipe with the right hand. The brush will slowly climb up in the pipe.  

Toy from Trash – Chinese 1

The magnetic Dancing Dolls will keep very child enraptured for hours. The dolls are light make of wood, color wool and wire. In the base is a steel screw. Place the dolls on a card sheet and move a magnet from below. The dolls move left, then right and sometimes hold each others hands and dance a duo.  

Astronomy/Popular Science

This story more than 100 years old. In 1904 Sherlock Holmes the famous detective based in London investigates a murder. Next to the site of the murder are cycle tracks, on a muddy road from the school and the village. And only if they could figure out the direction of the cyclist based on the track, they can nab the culprit. Watson as usual is not sure. “This track, as you perceive, was made by a rider who was going from the direction of the school.” “Or towards it?”   “No, no, my dear Watson… It was undoubtedly heading away…

Animated Stories/Puzzles

This incident happened many years ago when I was finishing my high school in Meghalaya, a state in India’s northeast there are lush and dense forests everywhere. I used to walk to my school with my friend everyday through a narrow 2km long path. If I had taken the road the 2km walk would become a 20 km, 1hr bus ride. This was because the closest road-bridge was far away.   Also the path to my school had an amazing tree bridge which is now famously called the living tree bridges of Meghalaya. These bridges are made from aerial roots…

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