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Review – Lego Creator: Assembly Square (10255)

Unboxing and exploration of Assembly Square by LEGO Creator (10255). This massive set contains 4002 pieces which includes eight minifigures and one baby minifigure. The Square contains a flower shop, bakery, cafe, music store , photo studio, dental office, dance studio, and a small studio apartment. At the time of this exploration, Assembly Square retailed for $279.99.  

Review – Lego Creator: Winter Holiday Train (10254)

Unboxing and exploration of Winter Holiday Train by LEGO Creator (10254). This set contains 734 pieces which includes five minifigures, 16 pieces of cured track, accessories, and parts to build one engine, fuel car, flatbed car, and caboose. In order to motorize the train, an infrared remote, infrared sensor, battery box, and train motor are required and are sole separately. At the time of this exploration, Winter Holiday Train retailed for $99.99 dollars.  

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