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Review – Lego Creator: Aviation Adventures (31011)

An exploration of Aviation Adventures by LEGO Creator (31011). The set contains 618 pieces which can be used to construct either a Speedboat, Helicopter, or a single-engine aircraft. All three models are easy to construct and fun to build. Each build is scaled for minifigures, however, no minifigures are included with this set. Aviation Adventures retailed foe $42.99 at the time of this review. Aviation Adventures is discontinued and retired by the LEGO Group.  

Review – Lego Creator: Winter Skating Scene (40107)

A complete exploration of the Winter Skating Scene by LEGO Creator (40107). It is a limited edition building set for 2014. The set contains 129 pieces which includes two minifigures and various accessories. The Winter Skating Scene may be a perfect addition for a winter theme. At the time of this recording, this set was a promotional offer for shopping at LEGO. The price cannot be determined as this time.  

Review – Lego Creator: Santa’s Workshop (10245)

A complete unboxing and exploration of Santa’s Workshop by LEGO Creator (10245). The set contains 883 piece which are packaged in three groups for easy modular build. There are six minifigures which are Mr and Mrs Claus and four elves. Five reindeer and a sleigh are also included. Too many features to list. At the time of this review, Santa’s Workshop retailed for $69.99. A great set for the holidays. Santa’s Workshop is discontinued and retired by the LEGO Group.  

Review – Lego Creator: Toy Workshop (40106)

A complete exploration of the Toy Workshop by LEGO Creator (40106). Toy Workshop contains 107 pieces which includes two elves, tools, and bricks to make the toy workshop. The Toy Workshop is a “Limited Edition 2014” set. A the time of this review, this set was a free promotional offer from the LEGO Store. No price is available at this time.  

Review – Lego Creator: Mountain Hut (31025) [CC]

An exploration of the Mountain Hut by LEGO Creator (31025). The set contains 550 pieces which includes one minifigure. The Mountain Hut can be rebuilt into either the Mountain Top Lookout or Small Lodge. The Small Lodge is indeed very small. Very little play room. The Mountain Top Lookout is only two studs deep. Not a lot of play room in that model either. For some reason, this set did not come with a brick separator which would have helped with the build.  

Review – Lego Creator: Highway Truck (7347) [CC]

An exploration unboxing of Highway Truck by LEGO Creator (7347). This massive set contains 805 elements to create the Highway Pickup, Sports Car, or Crane Truck. There is a mixture of LEGO Technic as well as other elements to achieve movement of the steering and control of the various features. Two light bricks as well as batteries are included as well. Too many features to list! Highway Truck is discontinued and retired y the LEGO Group.  

Review – Lego Creator: Winter Village Market (10235) [CC]

Unboxing and exploration of the Winter Village Market by LEGO Creator (10235). The set contains 1261 pieces which are used to create a park bench, three vendor stands, and the carousel with operator’s booth. Also three trees, kitten, and teddy bear are included. Also nine minifigures are included as well which include four children and five adults. The only drawbacks of this set were the odd numbering of the bags in which the pieces were contained, and the stiffness of the carousel as it was rotated with the turning crank. All-in-all, this is a terrific set for both as a…

Review – Lego Creator: Family House (31012) [CC]

Complete exploration of the LEGO Creator: Family House (31012). You can build three different models from the 756 pieces provided which includes two minifigures. Models that can be constructed are: the quick build is a Factory (3:37), the Villa for the medium build (9:14), and the Family house which is the advance build (14:47). The set even comes with a light brick. By far this is one of LEGO’s best Creator sets out today. Nothing negative about this set at all. The Family House is discontinued and retired by the LEGO Group.  

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