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Arduino Wav Player

Ryan, a SparkFun Engineer, wrote a tutorial that will guide you through using an Arduino main board, a AD5330 breakout board (8-bit DAC), and a microSD Shield to make a slick device to playback uncompressed Wav files.  

EL Wire Demonstration

EL Wire Product Demonstration   EL Inverter – 3V – El Wire – Red 3m – EL Wire – Yellow 3m – EL Wire – Orange 3m – EL Wire – Green 3m – EL Wire – Blue 3m – EL Wire – Purple 3m – EL Wire – White 3m – EL Wire – Pink 3m – EL Wire – Blue-Green 3m – EL Wire – Fluorescent-Green 3m – Wall Adapter EL Inverter – Coming Soon!  

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