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Raspberry Pi Cat Laser 2.0 pt. 4 with Tony D! @adafruit #LIVE

Live stream to showing part 4 in the Raspberry Pi Cat Laser 2.0 series. This part looks at how to build a cloud server with Python, flask, and flask-socketio which allows multiple people to control the cat laser. Instead of each user trying to individually access the Pi they instead access the cloud server (running a virtual machine for now) and it sends control messages to the Pi (using MQTT) and serves up the Pi’s video stream. Adding the cloud server allows many more users to control the laser vs. if they tried to access the Pi directly and…

Raspberry Pi Quick Look at Tor Hidden Services with Tony D! @adafruit #LIVE

Live stream to giving a quick look at Tor hidden services on the Raspberry Pi. This technology allows you to securely expose services on a Raspberry Pi (like camera streams, home automation, or even your own DIY services) to the broader internet over Tor’s network. This video looks at how to expose a mjpeg-streamer Raspberry Pi camera stream over Tor with a hidden service.  

MicroPython Basics: How to Blink a LED with Tony D! @micropython #LIVE

Live stream to showing how to blink a LED with MicroPython! This simple ‘hello world’ for hardware is great for beginners to learn basics of running MicroPython code on a board. Also for more advanced users stick around to the end to see a preview of a handy new tool for copying files and running code on MicroPython boards (new video & guide coming soon for it too).  

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