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Tony builds his arc reactor with Circuit Playground

Sped-up video of Tony D. building his arc reactor to cosplay Tony S. at Emerald City Comicon. Watch the process of adding a neopixel ring to Circuit Playground and programming them to pulse with color. Look for a guide and live stream building a CircuitPython version later in the week!  

Circuit Playground digital fidget spinner with Tony D!

A digital fidget spinner built with Adafruit’s Circuit Playground classic and express boards. This fidget spinner has no moving parts and uses an accelerometer to detect flicks and animates the spinner motion around 10 NeoPixels on the board. You can press buttons to change the color and type of spinner animation too! The video walks through how to run the fidget spinner on a board and how the code and algorithm works. This version of the spinner uses Arduino and the Arduino programming languge, but stay tuned for a future version using CircuitPython and Circuit Playground Express!  

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