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VEX IQ Tip – Calibrating the Controller (Firmware v1.13+)

The VEX IQ Controller uses joysticks that may occasionally need to be calibrated for proper robot function. To access the controller calibration process, tether a Controller to a Robot Brain, press the “X” button on the Robot Brain home screen to access the settings menu, and select “Calibrate Controller.” Rotate each joystick 360 degrees.   Video updated in November 2014 to include instructions for Robot Brain Firmware v1.13 and Controller Firmware v1.04 (or higher).  

VEX IQ Tip – How to Remove Connector Pins

VEX IQ’s tool-free construction system enables users to attach and remove pieces without the need for additional tools. Sometimes, connectors or pins can seem a bit tough to remove, but a little nudge from behind is all that’s needed to break them free.  

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