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Time lapse of Poppy humanoid’s assembly

The Poppy project aims at building an open source humanoid robot and an interdisciplinary community to promote Science, Art and Education. This video was shot during the assembly of our last Poppy. The actual duration of this assembly was around 7 hours.   The final choreography has been done during the “Êtres et numérique” residency. The code which makes move the robot is available on Github: You can watch the performance video on; more information is available on our forum (  

LeapMotion et Poppy Ergo Jr : Le Shifumi

Démonstration réalisée lors d’une réunion de professeurs autour du projet Poppy Education. Ici, Gilles Lassus fait une partie du célèbre jeu “Pierre Feuille Ciseaux” contre notre robot préféré, Poppy Ergo Jr. Et cela grâce au LeapMotion !  

Psuedorandom 14: Audio Sampler

Electronics engineer Todd Michael Bailey stops by the show for a tell-all account of his quest to create the 8-bit audio sampling beast better known as “Where’s The Party At?”. Party’s right here!  

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