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John Park’s Mystery Box: The Haunted Radio @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit

Breathe spooky life into an old radio by adding a Feather microcontroller to read the dial and play mysterious sounds and music! Here’s how you can repurpose a vintage radio as an eerie playback device that uses the original tuner dial, power knob, and speake, then grafts on a Feather ESP8266 Huzzah with Music Maker MP3 FeatherWing to play creepy sound effects, and trigger a specific song when intrepid guests tune the dial to a specific frequency, tripping the Hall effect sensor.  

John Park’s Metro Minimalist Clock @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit

What time is it? Metro Mini time! Build this stylish, minimalist clock. It’s a clock made of love. And a Metro mini, a real time clock module, and a 7-segment display backpack. You can build it on a breadboard, solder it to a perma proto board, or, go for a minimalist “dead bug” air wiring method using header strips. Then, mount it to anything you like, such as the hardwood floor scrap seen here.  

John Park’s Clockwork Goggles demo @johnedgarpark @adafruit #adafruit

Goggles are a great accessory for dressing up your costume — be it for Halloween or cosplay. There are many styles and genres which can be enhanced by goggles, including cypberpunk, steampunk, dieselpunk, Burning Man, mad science, and clockwork, to name a few.   Using a Gemma M0 running CircuitPython is a great way to drive the pair of 16 NeoPixel rings, particularly because CircuitPython makes it so fast to iterate on color and timing in our program.  

John Park’s Screaming Cauldron demo @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit

This terrifying illuminated bowl will give trick-or-treaters quite a scare when they reach for candy and trip the distance sensor!   An IR distance sensor, Trinket M0, NeoPixel strip, and AudioFX sound board plugged into powered speakers combine to make a booby trapped candy bowl. The CircuitPython program measures the distance of objects in front of the IR sensor, and changes the LED colors to match. Then, when you get too close, it screams bloody murder!!  

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