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Raspberry PI Web Browser Controlled Robot – see description for a link to the complete build video.

This video presents an overview of the hardware and software I used to build my Raspberry PI robot and give you some insight on how I came to choose the different components. Lastly I will touch on the coding I did to bring it all together into a working web browser controlled robot.   Wifi enabled Raspberry PI robot that can be controlled via tablet such as IPad or any web browser over the internet.  

Raspberry Pi powered quadcopter

Matthew built a quadcopter which is based on the Raspberry Pi! This flying drone is similar to all the others we’ve seen before but all the processing, from reading the gyroscopes to computing exactly how much power to give each motor — is handled by a Raspberry Pi.  

How To Make A Raspberry Pi NAS

Adding a storage device your network is called creating a NAS (Network Attached Storage). And basically it is just a minimalistic computer with a boat load of storage attached to it. So using a Raspberry Pi as our minimalistic computer, let’s create our own Network Attached Storage.  

How to stream music to the Raspberry Pi

How to stream music to the Raspberry Pi by using it as a media renderer. Similar to a Sonos but without the expense.   I show you how to prepare the Pi, install all packages required, and play sample audio which has been streamed wirelessly to the device from a smartphone app.  

Live Streaming Raspberry Pi Camera to Windows PC

In this video I show you how to live stream with your raspberry pi camera to your Windows PC over a local area network using GStreamer. The stream works VERY well. I could stream high definition video with about 0.2s latency. You can also use this method with Mac OS X or Ubuntu but the installation is different.  

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