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Dobot Arm for Everyone, Arduino and Open source

Founded by a group of top industrial robot experts and engineers, the Dobot team is devoted to instilling its ingenuity, creativity, vision and quality into robot design.   As the first of its category, Dobot is dedicated to bringing its industrial precision robotic arm to every desktop, making robot not only highly functional and expandable for makers, but also interactive and fully accessible to non-makers. Interested in engineering, programming and robotics.  

Dobot Laser Engraving

Give Dobot a laser cutter head, you can get a desktop laser cutter. What about cutting a beautiful ID tag for cute pet by yourself? We made one for our pet cat, it is really nice! Come watch it!  

Mind control

Dobot supports mind control, and you can use a EEG to control Dobot play some games! Come and see how the girl uses Dobot to play the Domino game. She is really cool when she 100% concentrate on it!!  

Dobot Arm Help Paralyzed Kid Learn and Play

Not in the original plan, our team has received a couple of inquiries from parents whose children with special needs might benefit from the functionalities of Dobot. A 12-year old girl Maja from Porec in Croatia started showing progressive symptoms of tetraplegia and dystonia from the age of 4 and soon her abilities to talk and move deteriorated. When her mother reached out, the team quickly decided to donate a Dobot as a gift to help her study and play. With Dobot’s multiple control systems, the smart arm will be able to help more kids like Maja to draw, write…

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