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Controlling DC Motors with the L298N H Bridge and Arduino

The L298N Dual H-Bridge Motor Controller is an inexpensive device which allows you to control two independent DC motors using 5 volt digital logic signals, such as the digital output pins of an Arduino. The L298N can also be used to control a single stepper motor or two sets of LED lighting strips.   In this tutorial we’ll learn how to control two 6-volt DC motors with the L298N.   First we will enlighten ourselves by learning a quick bit of the history of DC motors and discovering how they actually work. We will also learn what an “H-Bridge” is,…

Arduino BIG Stepper Motor control. Rotary Axis for milling machine.

Wiring connections – Arduino Pin 8 to stepper driver pulse +5V – Arduino Pin 9 to stepper driver direction +5V – Arduino Ground to stepper driver signal ground Pulse -ve, Dir -ve, enable -ve – Arduino +5 volts to on/off switch to stepper driver enable +5V   Helpful hints: 1. Pick the size of motor you need for the torque/power you need. Don’t know? FIND OUT! 2. Determine the voltage and current of the stepper motor. 3. Determine the stepper motor driver that will power your stepper motor with some extra fudge factor (this stuff is cheap). Big Easy driver…

Homemade DIY CNC – ClearPath Servo Motors used on KR33 CNC

Many have asked what motors I’m using on the KR33 Mini CNC so I wanted to do a video specifically on the topic. The motors are ClearPath Digital Servo motors by Teknic. I communicate with them the same way that I’ve done with stepper motors, with step and direction commands. The speed and power is fantastic. The servo motors power doesn’t fade with speed like steppers do.  

Arduino Stepper: Ultimate Accuracy!

I’ve always loved automation equipment! A grade school trip to a museum with a marble machine using pneumatics, sensors, servos and more had me hooked.   Combining Arduino’s with mechanical devices and machined parts is just amazing. I’m working on a project using a stepper as a “feed device” and wanted to make a video experimenting with various ways to control the Arduino Stepper as well as measuring to see just how accurate it could be!  

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