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Computing Disparity

Given two images of a scene taken from slightly different viewpoints, a stereo image pair, it’s possible to determine the disparity for every pixel using template matching. The disparity image is one where the value of each pixel is inversely related to the distance between that point in the scene and the camera.  

Displaying Stereo Images

Humans have long been fascinated with seeing images and movies in ‘3D’. Let’s look at how human stereo vision works and some of the technologies used to present images to our eyes in ‘3D’.  

Introduction to 3D Vision

An image is a two dimensional projection of a three dimensional world. The big problem with this projection is that big distant objects appear the same size as small close objects. For people, and robots, it’s important to distinguish these different situations. Let’s look at how humans and robots can determine the scale of objects and estimate the 3D structure of the world based on 2D images.  

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