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Design thinking – what, how, why, when? | Paweł Żebrowski | TEDxSzczecinLive

A brief presentation of design thinking, what is, how it works, why it really works and current status of design thinking implementation in Poland.   Head of the Technology Transfer Centre Department at Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer, West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin. A graduate of Political Sciences and International Relations in University of Szczecin, Top 500 Innovators Program at Stanford University, postgraduate studies on intellectual property rights at University of Warsaw. Trainer in the field of design thinking, intellectual property rights, technology promotion and methods of business support. Performs innovation, R&D and design audits, evaluates business…

What is Design Thinking

Suppose you are part of a thriving business and need to branch out and find that next big thing. Or say you want to change a behavior, like getting people…a lot of people…to use less energy in their homes. How would you go about it?   Design thinking is a powerful tool to tackle the unknown.   It’s a means of going on an expedition, without a map, without even knowing the destination, but with the confidence that you’ll end up somewhere great.   Let’s make it tangible with an example that captures the five key elements of design thinking….

All about Learning. Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is a cyclical process that allows you to solve complex problems in a creative way. It is cyclical: you will build prototypes of your solution and will work on them, asking for the feedback of your stakeholders until you will design the final solution. The empathy map, the definition of the problem statement, the ideation phase and the prototyping and testing phase are the key steps of the process.  

Deadline for applying for Atal Tinkering Labs round 2 extended

Schools will have to apply by August 15 on NITI Aayog website   The government has decided to extend the deadline for the setting up Atal Tinkering labs at government schools, wherein state-of-the-art science labs will be set up to ensure quality science studies. While schools are supposed to apply for the labs directly on the NITI Aayog website, the deadline for the sending applications regarding the scheme was earlier July 15. It has now been extended to August 15.The labs are being set up to boost independent thinking among the students and to motivate them to take up research…

Industrial Robot – TAL BRABO! Power Your Future

TAL BRABO! – The Smart Indian Robot with 5/6 axis control to do the 3D – Dull, Dirty and Dangerous work efficiently, across industries. it is India’s first indigenous industrial articulated robot! Easy to use, easy to maintain – the BRABO! is bound to revolutionise industrial manufacturing. With its vast experience in providing total solutions, TAL invites you to Join the Robolution!  

IITRAM – Centers Of Excellence ( COE )

IITRAM provides Engineering Education with specialization in Infrastructure and Management of Infrastructure to create centers of excellence, to organize advanced studies and to promote research. It shall foster cultural and ethical values with a view to enhance professional morality, research integrity, globally acceptable business ethics and morals for professionals.  

More than 50% engineering seats vacant in country, here’re the reasons.

In mid 90s, being an engineer was seen as one of the top ranked professional. Till a decade ago, engineering pass out would easily get high profile job and there was high demand of engineers in all fields like constructions, power, automobile, electronics, IT & manufacture. Engineers used to proudly prefix Er. To their names as doctors write Dr. But now being an engineer has lost its grace as there a millions of jobless engineering students all over the country. Latest official data released by government further reinforces this fact.   Engineering education in the country seems to have reached…

UGC urges universities, colleges to apply for innovation funding scheme AIC

The Atal Incubation Centre is an innovation funding scheme which provides for a grant-in-aid of up to Rs 10 crore for a maximum period of five years.   New Delhi: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has urged all public universities and the colleges under them to apply for aid from the Atal Incubation Centre (AIC), an innovation funding scheme formulated by the Niti Aayog last year.   In a letter issued on Wednesday, the central funding agency for the universities asked the latter to “encourage the academic fraternity of your esteemed University and your affiliated colleges” by applying to the…

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