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Boyls Law

In this video we will study Boyls Law. Boyls Law: Calculate the variation in volume (V) with pressure (P) for a sample of air at constant temperatures by plotting graphs between P and V, and between P and 1/V.  

Frictional Force

In this video we will study the reaction between the force of limiting friction and normal reaction. And also find the coefficient of friction between surface of the moving block and that of horizontal surface.  

Downward Force

In this video we will find Downward Force along an inclined plane action on a roller due to gravity and study its relation with the angle of inclination by plotting graph between Downward Force and sin a.  

Convex Lens – I

In this video we will study the formation of an image of a lighted candle by a convex lens when places at a distance slightly more than the twice of focal length (f) from the optical center of the lens.  

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