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3D Printed Longboard

Carve into spring and lean into the curves as you explore the possibilities of functional design on four wheels. Use the LulzBot TAZ MOARstruder to 3D print your own durable longboard deck!   A functional skateboard is just the start. Take an idea and make it real with LulzBot 3D Printers.  

ATL Maraton Stage-2,GloboClean,CKMS,Waste Management

GloboClean is focused in waste management which is developed the part of Atal Tinkering marathon conducting by Govt of India under Atal Innovation Mission. Students developed the following under the project 1.GloboClean Prototype- To collect waste from water bodies 2.MobiClean Android App-To send location and picture to local authorities about waste, Its make public can interact with local bodies 3.SegriMaster-To sort out the collected waste.  

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