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6-Axis Robot Applies Tamper Proof Seal to Boxes to Prevent Counterfeiting

EPSON ceiling mount 6-axis robot applies special tamper proof, serialized factory seal to boxes. A loss prevention tool, the end user wanted to stop counterfeiters from removing the end user’s high quality product with a low, cost poor quality substitute. When the tape is removed the factory seal is destroyed which indicates that the box was opened prior to arrival at its final destination.  

Gambling Robot – G20 SCARA Robot

Epson’s long reach G20 SCARA robot handles a 4 player Craps table. Each player uses a touch screen to place bets. The robot control takes that information and places the bets on the selected locations. Next, the robot rolls the dice. After reading results of the roll, the robot clears the table of all the losers, deducting the bets from each loser’s account and credits each winner’s account.  

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