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Vision Guided Part Singulation (G6-451S Scara)

Three different types of small, wafer-like workpieces are running together on a conveyor. EPSON Vision Guide detects the type, location, and rotational position of each workpiece. Robot #1 sorts the workpieces as it places them on a second conveyor. Robot #2 packs the workpieces in trays. No other positioning device or loading pallet are necessary.  

Force Sensing to Put Lid on Bottle (G6-453S)

EPSON scara robot uses force sensing feedback to place a lid on a plastic bottle. The force sensing is used to make sure that the lid does not exceed a predetermined rotational torque value. This is important because the manufacturer wants ti make sure that the bottle is tightly sealed but still can be easily opened by the consumer.  

Gambling Robot – G20 SCARA Robot

Epson’s long reach G20 SCARA robot handles a 4 player Craps table. Each player uses a touch screen to place bets. The robot control takes that information and places the bets on the selected locations. Next, the robot rolls the dice. After reading results of the roll, the robot clears the table of all the losers, deducting the bets from each loser’s account and credits each winner’s account.  

Flexible Assembly Line (RS3-351S Scara)

Three EPSON RS3 robots are used in an the test & assembly of an electronic device. The video shows the 3 cells interlinked together handling a generic part as a proof of concept. The advantage of this system is that conveyors are removed from the system and the parts are moved by the robot or small fixed stop transfer stations. The result is reduced cost, improved floor space efficiency and faster throughput.  

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