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Hack your UP! 3D Printer and set it FREE – 2015

You can now print any layer height and nozzle temperature you like on your UP! 3D Printer with FixUp3D.   Thanks to the software hack developed by ‘Mr_x’ and ‘Forsaken’ over on the pp3dp Forums, you can intercept the UP! code and send new temperatures and layer heights, like 100um layers on the UP! Mini. Printing lower temperatures is a must for non UP! Branded ABS, which melts at a lower temp and which has traditionally melted too much, making removing rafts and support very hard.  

The Upside-down 3D Printer Experiment – 2015

I’ve been told that FDM printers work in any orientation… Let’s find out!   I printed 3 spheres in regular, side and upside down orientation to see if it had any effect, good or bad, on the print quality.   Yes, I know regular SLA and DLP printers work upside down, but that’s different!  

3D Printing Thin Walls – 2015

3D Printing thin walls can be pretty challenging! I decided to do some investigating. File will be uploaded shortly!   I printed the files at 0.25mm Layer height, high fill and medium printing speeds on my UP Mini and Wanhao 3D Printers.  

3D Print in ANY COLOUR with this Super Easy Hack

Let’s face it, you never have the colour you want on hand for a 3D Print… Well what if it was as easy as a short trip to your local hardware store?!   This simple trick results in coloured 3D Prints with pigment through the entire print, not just on the surface like a coat of paint would be. It’s really easy to do and works great. You can also creatively combine colours for really artistic effects. Give it a shot!  

The Sounds of 3D Printing Failure

Let’s face it – 3D Printing on a hobby level is FAR from flawless…   Working next to 3D Printers on a Daily basis, you begin to pick up on certain sounds occurring when something goes wrong – here’s a few of them, so you know what to listen out for next time you’re kicking off a 12 hr print!  

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