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Add Thickness to Delicate 3D Prints! – 2015

In part 3 of Let’s Print! Chivalry: Medieval warfare, we’re going to be thickening up the zweihander using meshmixer Extrude, Makesolid and Fix for minimum thickness features.   Even though you may have a perfectly good, printable stl file for printing – it may still fail! This can be due to features being too small, thin or delicate for the printer to reproduce. Luckily you can use meshmixer to thicken up these delicate parts to create much better looking, stronger 3D Models.  

3D Print like a boss using Meshmixer – 2014

Meshmixer is an amazingly powerful bit of free software for 3D Printing… However the documentation leaves a lot to be desired.   In this video I’ll show you 10 different ways you can use Meshmixer for all kinds of tasks – including one really handy work around for bringing in ‘lots’ of files at once!  

How to CAD your own Maker Coins in Onshape

I recently designed these little coins to quickly test different kinds of filaments. In this video, I’ll show you how I designed them so you can make your own custom Maker Coins!   Great for testing sample filaments, giving out your logo at Maker Faires and Hackerspaces… Replacement for business cards even!  

Let’s Design Something in Onshape! Redbull Drink Holder – 2015

I’m sick of Redbull cans falling over in my car and spilling their contents everywhere! As a huge fan of energy drinks, you can imagine the rage and fury I feel when it happens – let alone it’s precious sticky contents coating your favourite shoes or backpack.   Let’s fix that with Onshape and 3D Printing!   I’ve been playing with Onshape for a little while now, and thought it would be fun to walk through the steps I take; from ideation/concept sketching, to concept development, and finally 3D Model and 3D Print.   You will also notice I sketch…

Practical 3D Printing using Onshape and the Fabrikator Mini

Some of the clips that hold the legs on my mum’s Worm Farm have gone missing! But thanks to the power of 3D Printing – and reverse engineering – the day is saved! At least for the worms.   In this video I’ll run you through my process of 3D Modelling replacement clips using Onshape and my Fabrikator Mini using PLA plastic.  

Your 3D Printing Questions Answered – Episode 4

In this video let’s address some of your awesome 3D Printing Questions! Time stamps below. 0:29 Purchasing used 3D Printers 1:46 Save for an expensive 3D Printer or buy a cheap one now? 2:14 Is Polymaker PolyMax PLA worth it vs generic PLA? 3:16 What 3D Printers are best for modding? 4:15 What do you think is the next big step 3D Printing needs to take? 5:30 Is multi material worth the huge purge block it creates? 6:50 What is the biggest bottleneck for 3D Printing speed? 8:24 Question about the Flexion Extruder for the Prusa Mk2s 9:20 PLA clogging…

3D Printing with Flexible Filaments (on stock hardware!) – 3DP101

Want to try out flexible 3D printing without investing in custom hardware on your 3D Printer? In this 3D Printing 101 we’ll show you the settings you need to change!   Not all 3D Printers can print all filaments, so your mileage may vary! Always closely observe 3D Printers, especially when trying new filaments and settings. All these tests were done on the Original Prusa i3 Mk2.  

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