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How to Set your Nozzle Height and Level your Bed – 3D Printing 101

Believe it or not there is many different ways of setting correct nozzle height and leveling your 3D Print bed!   In this video we’ll go through 7 different 3D Printers and 7 Different approaches. Regardless of which kind your 3D Printer uses, ensuring correct nozzle height and a level bed is the first step towards getting awesome 3D Prints!   3D Printing 101 on Maker’s Muse is here to help you get started in 3D Printing easily and quickly! We’ve made all the mistakes before, so you can avoid them. Be sure to check out the whole playlist.  

Top 10 Tools for 3D Printing Success – 2014

Welcome to episode 1 of Maker’s Muse, a series on 3D Printing, design and making.   In this episode I look at, in my opinion, the top current 10 tools everyone with a low end FDM 3D printer should own – and how to use them! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on upcoming episodes!  

Setting up a compact Workshop on a Budget – 2014

Hey all! I decided to put together a video showing how I turned a tiny storeroom into a fully functional workshop, using budget techniques over the years to build up my tools and set-up.   Yes, it was a tiny hole in the wall. But not for long!   If you’re interested in getting involved with making projects then I highly recommend having a watch and adapting my setup to your own space and needs!  

How Long does 3D Printing Take? – 2014

The media has made 3D Printing look like a fantastical, instant process… But how long does 3D Printing actually take?   As this video came out in late 2014, some information may now be incorrect or out-dated as newer machines and technologies have been made since then. A new video regarding this question is in the books for the future!  

Save Money on your 3D Printing! – 2014

Getting your files 3D printed is easy, but did you know there’s simple ways you can shave heaps of cash off the cost? 🙂 Watch and find out more!   As this is quite an old video, I am planning to revisit the content in this video and make an updated one in the near future, so stay tuned!  

5 Reasons you need a Hot Air Gun in your 3D Printing Toolkit – 2015

Did you know the Hot Air Gun is one of the most useful tools you can use for your 3D Printing Projects?   In this video I’ll go through 5 ways you can use one to improve your prints. 1 – Supercharge your 3D Printer Preheating for better prints in Winter. 2 – Remove crazing and unsightly marks from 3D prints. 3 – Tweak and shape your 3D Prints after printing. 4 – Easily remove PLA cobwebs. 5 – Return colour to filaments which go white after Acetone Smoothing.  

3D Printing 101 – Jargon Busting! – 2015

3D Printing has many new, confusing terms which can be hard to learn for the novice.   In this 3D Printing 101 I’ll go through many of the most common 3D Printing Jargon when it comes to how your FDM printer works!   Working out which is the best way to create your parts on your FDM 3D Printer can be pretty confusing!   In this episode I go through the main factors influencing print orientation with practical examples.  

3D Printing Pen?! Review and Teardown – 2014

A pen that draws in 3D!? Yep, in this video I’ll be doing a review on the Yaya 3D Printing Pen, as well as ripping it apart (literally) to see what makes it tick. Are they any good? What makes it a 3D Printing Pen? Watch to find out! Don’t believe everything you see in the promo videos.  

UP! Mini 3D Printer Review – 2015

The UP! Mini was my first 3D Printer, and remains one of my all time favourites! I’ve had the thing for 3 years now, so it is time for a review!   The UP! Mini comes from PP3DP in China, and is a small, ready to run 3D Printer capable of printing ABS prints at 120 x 120 x120mm.   Although the software is a little limiting, it’s very intuitive and the closest to ‘just hitting print’ out of all the desktop 3D printers on the market today. It’s also available for only AUD $750, making it a fantastic first…

Verbatim 3D Printing Filament! Review using the UP Mini 3D Printer – 2015

Verbatim has entered the 3D Printing Consumables market, but how does this Japanese filament from the technology giant stack up?   I tested the Verbatim ABS filament using my UP! Mini from PP3DP – first on stock settings (fan door closed, with standard UP! ABS temps) then fan door open, and finally using the UP! Mod fixUP to reduce the temperature to 240degC. Compared to the UP! Brand Black ABS, it looks pretty darn good.   You would have no issues using verbatim filament with your UP! Plus or Mini (or UP Box probably) so long as the fan door…

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