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How I made this! Low Polygon Tutorial. EASY

Considering how many people requested my iceberg design shown off recently, I thought I would just show everyone how to design it! If you’ve never used Meshmixer before – this is a great first project.   Printing your design in Vase Mode from translucent plastic will look awesome if you put some low power LED’s in it!  

Exporting STL files in Fusion 360 – Single, multiple bodies and dual extrusion!

Everything you ever wanted to know about exporting .stl files from Autodesk Fusion 360 but were afraid to ask!   Saving off a single body for 3D Printing is fairly straight forward in Fusion 360 however you can do a lot more, including adjust your file quality, save whole groups of parts as one file and even separate groups into their own distinct stl files for dual color prints.  

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