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Physical Property Malleability

CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 3: Metals and Non Metals. Can the metals and non metals be used to beat into thin sheets? This is demonstrated using some metals and nonmetals. Malleability is one of the physical properties of substance used to group metals and nonmetals.  

Chemical Properties of Carbon Compounds: Combustion

CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 4: Carbon and its Compounds. Carbon, in all its allotropic forms, burns in oxygen to give carbon dioxide along with the release of heat and light. Saturated hydrocarbons will generally give a clean flame while unsaturated carbon compounds will give a yellow flame with lots of black smoke. This is demonstrated with some examples.  

Allotropes of carbon

CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 4: Carbon and its Compounds. The element carbon occurs in different forms in nature with widely varying physical properties. Both diamond and graphite are formed by carbon atoms, the difference lies in the manner in which the carbon atoms are bonded to one another. Fullerene is another allotrope of carbon.  

Autotrophic Nutrition

CBSE Class 10 Biology Chapter 6: Life Processes. Carbon and energy requirements of the autotrophic organism are fulfilled by photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a autotrophic nutrition in plants and it is explained in the video.  

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