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Stratasys Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator

Meet the Stratasys Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator A modular, automated FDM 3D manufacturing system with interconnected, high-throughput capabilities. Designed for reliability and repeatability at scalable volumes, now you can serve customers better with continuous production and high part quality. Move faster, work smarter and break down barriers. You have nonstop manufacturing demands. This is the technology to exceed them. Tackle multiple jobs in parallel without downtime. Capture more of the market with zero tooling. Produce parts only when they are needed, where they are needed. 100 parts a week or 500 parts a day? The Demonstrator can easily scale to…

Amol Gulhane, Robolab CoFounder is awarded as Innovator who changed the Startup World

The most important aspect for any business is planning. It helps an organization chart a course for the achievement of its goals and Robolab is a perfect example for it. Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was officially incorporated on Friday the 13th September 2013. The team of Robolab had already started working on the business model and planned well before its establishment. For almost 5 months, the team of Robolab met several institutions in and around the region, but they got rejected for not having prior business experience. But as it is rightly said, “Never Lose Hope”, and they did not…

Robots Using Environment Objects as Tools

“Robots Using Environment Objects as Tools: The ‘MacGyver’ Paradigm for Mobile Manipulation,” by Mike Stilman, Can Erdogan, Saul Reynolds-Haertle, Munzir Zafar, Peng Hou, and Gregory Tracy from Georgia Tech, presented at ICRA 2014 in Hong Kong.  

Vernor Vinge: How to Prepare for the Singularity

Sci-fi author Vernor Vinge talks about the run-up to a technological singularity and what we can do to engineer the best outcome for humans. The interview is part of IEEE Spectrum’s Singularity Special Report:   In the report, Vinge also updates his ideas in an article called “Signs of the Singularity”:  

Lasers In Your Living Room

Mitsubishi hopes their new LaserVue TVs will give LCD and Plasma screens a run for their money. The screens use three lasers to scan the screen at 1080p. The main sacrifice is depth-the TV’s are about ten inches thick. IEEE Spectrum caught up with Mitsubishi at NYC’s Digital Experience in July.  

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