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AWE Self-Reconfiguring Robotic Wall

AWE (animated work environment) is a robotic wall that can change the spatial characteristics of the work environment, adapting to such activities as collaboration, presentations, and gaming. Developed at Clemson University.  

Skiing Robot Takes a Fall

Skiing robot navigates autonomously using video camera and other sensors. Developed by Bojan Nemec at the Jožef Stefan Institute in Slovenia. Video presented at IEEE/RSJ IROS 2009.  

Swarm of Bacteria Builds Tiny Pyramid

A robotic micro-assembly process relies on several thousand flagellated bacteria acting as micro-workers to build a pyramidal structure. Work presented at IROS ’09 by Sylvain Martel and Mahmood Mohammadi from the NanoRobotics Laboratory, École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada.  

Augmented Reality Robots Take Flight

The AR Drone is one of the first consumer products to combine robotics with augmented reality. The quad-rotor vehicle carries two cameras and can stream video to an iPhone via Wi-Fi. On the phone, the live video is overlaid with flight controls and additional graphics for a variety of games.  

Arduino Art

This past Saturday, IEEE Spectrum visited NYC Resistor’s “Art, Design, and the Arduino Microcontroller: a lineage” gallery party. Curated by Alicia Gibb, the show was a loving tribute. The collection ranged from early Arduino prototypes to modern projects made with the microcontroller. Highlights included toy cars hacked to paint like Jackson Pollack, a coffee table that cleans itself, and LED jackets that lit up as you moved.  

USC Little Dog Robot

As part of the DARPA Learning Locomotion program, Dr. Stefan Schaal at the University of Southern California’s Computational Learning and Motor Control Lab is investigating legged locomotion with the quadruped robot Little Dog developed by Boston Dynamics.  

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