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NI Week 2009 Highlights

A little bit of everything from National Instruments Week: robots that solve a Rubik’s Cube, play the knife/hand game, and musical instruments; a blended phone that catches on fire; and an automated system to sort your beer bottles.  

AWE Self-Reconfiguring Robotic Wall

AWE (animated work environment) is a robotic wall that can change the spatial characteristics of the work environment, adapting to such activities as collaboration, presentations, and gaming. Developed at Clemson University.  

Skiing Robot Takes a Fall

Skiing robot navigates autonomously using video camera and other sensors. Developed by Bojan Nemec at the Jožef Stefan Institute in Slovenia. Video presented at IEEE/RSJ IROS 2009.  

Swarm of Bacteria Builds Tiny Pyramid

A robotic micro-assembly process relies on several thousand flagellated bacteria acting as micro-workers to build a pyramidal structure. Work presented at IROS ’09 by Sylvain Martel and Mahmood Mohammadi from the NanoRobotics Laboratory, École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada.  

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